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DOWNLOAD KWhatsApp Mini V2.20.1

DOWNLOAD KWhatsApp Mini V2.20.1


Hello KIMOCHIMOD friend back again with the latest WhatsApp mod share. Previously we apologize because I deleted the old WhatsApp Mod base because the anti banned is not strong enough, therefore I share the latest WhatsApp mod, hopefully it won’t happen banned lagi.cus directly.

The difference is WhatsApp from Play Store and WhatsApp Mod, is that so? …..
I explained

WhatsApp Play Store is whats published in Play Store, there are features from WhatsApp.Inc.

WhatsApp Modis someone who modifies an Apk that doesn’t exist.

What is the WhatsApp Mod feature?

Of course there are a lot of features. Some of the latest WhatsApp mod features are:

Strengthen Anti Tires

The mod’s Indonesian name features are made clear

What is privacy?

Prevent the last seen or called Freeze last seen.

If we activate the feature we can be connected to each other but the last seen still you activate, but unfortunately we can not see the last person seen.

2. Check the blue when reply or called Block R

If we activate something you accidentally connected to then open it unread by people.

3.Anti delete message / status or called Anti revoke chats / status

If we activate the feature we can see what people pulled their conversation or status

Adder Drawer

Add Chats instantly

Adding DND (Don’t No Distrub)

If we activate DND then whatsapp you can’t connect with the term people off, so you can relax while playing the game. If you disable DND you have to click DND again.

Addition saves status image or status video

If you want to save a status picture or status video you have to watch the status picture or video until it runs out, then click point 3 in the upper right corner you select Download / Save.

Add Animation

If you activate this feature there is an animation running like rain dollars etc. This feature appears in the conversation.

Change Cover

If you click the cover then you will change the cover.

Adding secret WhatsApp Features

To activate your Dark Theme go to Settings> Chats> Theme


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